About Us

PantyJoy is the 10 year goal of husband and wife team, Steve & Christy. We decided a long time ago to start a lingerie company, or at least had the aspirations to. But, we always looked at interesting ways with which to do so, as a store front seemed like an antiquated system that would eventually give way to the internet. And that time has finally caught up, at least with us. So we set out to put together a subscription that Christy would want to get, and one Steve would want to send to her. And that is what birthed PantyJoy. An easy to use site, with more emphasis on the surprise element then shopping for something specific. The ability to get something new each and every month, and not have to worry about choosing.

We hope you enjoy our panty subscription service as much as we enjoy selecting the cutest, most comfortable panties to send to you.